Initial Phone Consultation

If you are interested in making an appointment, you are welcome to call me at 727-826-1887, or email me at .

Feel free to leave a message about the type of services you are seeking, and I will be happy to call you back to provide further information and answer questions you may have.

What to Expect at your First Visit

The instructions on this page pertain to in-office visits but due to current events, I am providing services via video and telephone. When we set up an appointment, I will provide instructions about forms and how we will connect by video or telephone.

In-office appointments only:

Please arrive about 15-20 minutes before your first appointment to fill out the forms that you will find in the waiting room.

At your appointment time, I will greet you in the waiting room and we will begin our consultation visit in my office.

The first visit is an assessment of what is bringing you to counseling, as well as an opportunity for you to gauge what I can offer you. A thorough assessment can take more than one visit, but frequently clients feel some relief--and increased hope--after the first visit.